Regular vs Irregular

At the formation of the primary grand lodges, recognitions were agreed upon between these so called sister grand lodges to abide to a set of rules and regulations which they find essential to these bodies to be considered Masonic. Those regulations include that freemasonry is a brotherhood of men, a belief in God is mandatory to join the order, The Holy Bible or Quran must be at all times present in the Lodge.

What is the difference between regular, unrecognized, irregular and clandestine bodies?

  • Regular masonry

Masonic bodies who conform to the ancient landmarks of masonry and who are recognized by the majority of mainstream Grand Lodges around the world.

  • Unrecognized bodies

Bodies who conform to the ancient landmarks, however not/not yet recognized by the majority of mainstream grand lodges around the world.

  • Irregular bodies

 Bodies whom have one or more points of the ancient landmarks omitted from their practices and therefore incompatible with the traditional principles of regular freemasonry.

  • Clandestine bodies

Bodies which style themselves as Freemasons and use the Masonic symbols and literature to scheme people into fraudulent practices.