Widows Sons

A motorcycle association for Freemasons in Lebanon

Welcome to the Widows Sons Lebanon Chapter


Lebanon’s ‘Motorcycle Association for Freemasons.’ Established in 2020, and chartered by Widows Sons Scotland, we welcome Master Masons operating under the Scottish Jurisdiction, or any Jurisdiction in amity with the Grand Lodge of Scotland and visiting brother riders. You will always find a warm welcome with the Widows Sons Lebanon.


Whether it is in search of gnosis, bonding with like-minded Brothers, or sharing a hobby, Freemasonry, if practiced correctly, should always be an exciting experience that give us a deep sense of happiness and fulfillment. “May we ever be united in the grand design of being happy and communicating happiness.” (Masonic Ritual)


About Us


The Widows Sons is simply a ‘non-brand-specific’ motorcycle-riding association for Freemasons, There are Widows Sons Chapters in various locations throughout the world. If you are a Master Mason with a motorcycle, in good standing with your Lodge, we would like to hear from you and look forward to meeting and riding with you.


Our name, The Widows Sons, comes from certain aspects of our fraternity and is not intended to instil fear or appear threatening in any way, we are not a 1% club, MC or MCC but a social riding association of Freemasons. We are not territorial, we do not claim territories or turf and we shall not condone any illegal or anti-social activities by any of our members. Our objective is to simply share our passion to riding with other Masons, raise money for charity, and promote Freemasonry.


Our members shall always be expected to act in a way that reflects, preserves and promotes the values and tenants of Freemasonry.


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