3 Jul

ما هي الماسونية

ان الرأي المتفق عليه بتعرّيف الماسونية أنها مؤسسة إتحاد وإخوّة، قائمة بين رجال مثقفين يعملون في سبيل بنآء الرجل الفاضل لخلق المجتمع الفاضل وهذا يقتضيهم أن يحبوا العدل والحق والجمال، وأن ينشدوا المعرفة حيث يجدونها، وأن يعملوا على التخلّص من النقائص التي تعتريهم، وأن يمارسوا الفضآئل الإنسانية، وأن يقوموا بواجباتهم العامة والوطنية، وأن يتغلبّوا على […]


18 Mar

A CHECKERED JOURNEY (Entered Apprentice)

We all know that it is only by seeing the light that we can understand the dark, for every opposite, a lesson therein is instated. It is often said that “The darkest hour of night is just before the dawn.” In our everyday lives, we categorise things as opposites to express our subjective thoughts and […]


23 Jan

A Conversation with W. Ramsay McGhee, Grand Master Mason of the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

With the extended lock-down and the various challenges presented by a number of irregular and clandestine persons who are styling themselves as Freemasons in Lebanon, the District Grand Lodge of Lebanon, under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Antient Free and Accepted Masons of Scotland, presents its series, ‘Conversation with a Mason.’ All Freemasons […]


10 Jan

Guardians of a secret tradition in Freemasonry.

The teachings adapted from communities in our area of the world (Middle East region) as the source of spiritual enlightenment for the Templar Knights and Europe’s occult fraternities were significant. From the days of the renowned Sufi Master Mansour Hallaj 858-922 who wrote: “I am the Truth” and preached the importance of the annihilation of […]


6 May

The Journey of A Freemason

A Freemason’s heart represents his soul’s compass which he uses as a guide to traverse the intricate winding of his journey through Life. A Freemason believes that his own journey is unique to him, and that no mason should influence or “pollute” another Brother’s ‘journey.’ Freemasons therefore merely guide and assist each other, but never […]


22 Mar

There Are No Secrets in Freemasonry?

Sometimes it is said we have no secrets. Nothing could be further from the truth. Brother Cliff Porter wrote that “Masonry is a transformative art. It can be extraordinary in a man’s life. It’s speculative and alchemical and all those things. What I take offense to is the fact that sometimes it is said we […]


2 Mar

The Masonic Journey

“God turns you from one feeling to another and teaches by means of opposites so that you will have two wings to fly, not one” Persian poet Rumi We all know that it is only by seeing the light that we can understand the dark, for every opposite, a lesson therein is instated. It is […]


3 Feb

“Many are the candidates seeking initiation, But few are the perfected initiates.” Socrates

Today, Millennials talk about the importance of “experiencing life.” Living a meaningful, happy life is about creating, sharing and capturing memories earned through experiences that span the spectrum of life’s opportunities. For us to fully understand the teachings of Freemasonry, we cannot read about it, we need to experience the ceremony and the ritual, we […]


24 Dec

Christmas Message from the District Grand Master

As Christmas marks the birth of our Lord, it was intended to bring to earth a profound spiritual message for the whole of humankind, that of a new beginning, and a new Hope. Throughout history, Freemasons have impacted society by building themselves up to become modern-day warriors that are equipped with the ideal and understanding […]


8 Jul

Freemasons Victoria Cross Remembrance Stone

[:en]In a solemn ceremony at the United Grand Lodge of England in London, HRH The Duke of Kent, Grand Master, unveiled and dedicated a new Freemasons Victoria Cross Remembrance Stone in honour of all Freemasons awarded Britain’s highest military award for bravery. Sergeant Johnson Beharry VC, himself a Freemason, was among the 130 distinguished guests […]