Regular vs Irregular

Regular vs Irregular Freemasonry

What is the difference between regular, unrecognised, irregular and clandestine bodies?

Regular vs Irregular Freemasonry




Historically, the foundation of Freemasonry worldwide rests on what is known today as ‘the Home Grand Lodges’ or ‘the Home Constitutions’ which comprise of three Grand Lodges that came together, namely the Grand Lodge of Scotland, the United Grand Lodge of England, and the Grand Lodge of Ireland. These three Grand Lodges co-ordinate their masonic activities which is governed by a concordant and maintain regular meetings between the three Grand Masters, which have continued till this present day.


They established the foundation for ‘regularity’ of recognition by abiding by the ancient landmarks and determining the rules and regulations which are essential to any organization to be considered Masonic.


Today, there exists a worldwide network of ‘recognized’ Grand Lodges whose foundation is in line with the ancient landmarks and regulations, originally established by these three ‘Mother Grand Lodges.’




Regular Masonry

Masonic organizations who conform to the ancient landmarks of masonry and who are recognized by the majority of mainstream Grand Lodges around the world.


Members of these are permitted to visit Masonic all Lodges worldwide.



Organizations who conform to the ancient landmarks, however not yet been recognized by the majority of mainstream grand lodges around the world.


Members of these are not permitted to visit any regular Lodge anywhere.



Organizations whom have one or more points of the ancient landmarks omitted from their practices and are therefore considered incompatible with the traditional principles of regular freemasonry.


Members of these are not permitted to visit any regular Lodge anywhere.



Organizations which style themselves as Freemasons and use the Masonic symbols and literature to misrepresent themselves to the public and, in many cases, are involved in fraudulent practices.


Members of these are not permitted to visit any regular Lodge anywhere.




The masonic terrain in Lebanon is very unique and complicated due to many reasons. Unfortunately, Lebanon includes Masonic organizations of all 4 types listed above, which is why we have taken the time to include this important page in our website.


We have been contacted by many who were misled and taken advantage of by people claiming to represent international Masonic bodies in Lebanon only to discover that find themselves in an unrecognized body, unable to connect or visit the international Masonic network of Lodges.


Therefore it is very important to note that whether you are a Freemason wanting to visit a Lodge in Lebanon, or someone who is interested in becoming a Freemason, you must make sure you do so with the full knowledge of the implications of visiting or joining a regular or an irregular/clandestine organization.


We trust that this has clarified the issue of ‘regular’ Freemasonry and encourage you to contact us should you require any further information on the subject

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