International Scottish Masonic Conference 2019 Nassau – Bahamas

“Strength in Diversity: Freemasonry in a Changing World

Freemasonry Lebanon Scottish Bahamas

The District Grand Lodge of Lebanon will be attending the upcoming 2019 – 3rd International Scottish Masonic Conference in Nassau, the Bahamas which is being organised by the District Grand Lodge of the Bahamas under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

The 2nd Scottish Masonic Conference held in Penang, Malaysia in February, 2016, organized by the District Grand Lodge of the Middle East.

Who says Freemasonry is not fun?

The theme is in line with the universal teachings of Brotherly love, Relief, and Truth; ‘Strength in Diversity!’

As possibly one of the very few organisations, in our divided world, where good men stand shoulder to shoulder as true brothers. Freemasons are united in their love for each other and their belief in their ability to make the world a little better when they leave it.

The District Grand Lodge of The Bahamas (Scottish Constitution) will welcome Freemasons from Lebanon, Africa, Middle East, America, Canada, Far East, Australia and members around the world to the 3rd International Scottish Masonic Conference!

A week of Masonic deliberation, enlightenment, and fellowship in the beautiful islands of The Bahamas.

Invitation is open to all regular Freemasons that are in amity with the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

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