An open Invitation to a journey of Discovery to Lebanon, the native land of the Masonic Lore

The District Grand Lodge of Lebanon invites you to an enriching journey of  Masonic Discovery as we embark on a visit to the ancient sites facilitated and organized by the District Grand Lodge of Lebanon, under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Scotland

The District of Lebanon believes that it is only by understanding the ancient teachings and mysteries that we can truly understand the allegory presented within. 

It will therefore be organizing guided tours and presentations over 3 weekends that coincide with the District’s Regular Communications in 2019 for Freemasons that belong to a jurisdiction in amity with the Grand Lodge of Scotland who would like to visit Lebanon and book their choice of visits to their choice of historic sites ranging from the Temple of Jupiter, Hiram’s Tomb, Job’s Cave and Shrine, Temples in Niha, Crusader Castles, Byblos city,  Mseilha Fort in Batroun, Beaufort Castle in Arnoun, Qana, and many other sites.

Hiram’s tomb Tyre
2019 District Regular Communication & Masonic Tour Weekends
  • 22-24 February at the Freemason’s Hall in Beirut
  • 21-23 June at the Masonic Temple in Zahle
  • 25-27 October at the Masonic Temple in Tripoli
Standard Program for a Masonic Tour of Lebanon
  • Attend on of the slated Regular Communications (February, June, or October on a Friday)

    Temple of Bacchus – 150-300 AD
  • Book Masonic Tours to areas of interest
  • Visit one of the Lodges under the District of Lebanon
  • Book Hotels & Transportation using District’s preferred rates 
  • Attend a special Gala Dinner with the District Grand Master and Office Bearers 

For more information, drop us a line here