The Journey of A Freemason

A Freemason’s heart represents his soul’s compass which he uses as a guide to traverse the intricate winding of his journey through Life.
A Freemason believes that his own journey is unique to him, and that no mason should influence or “pollute” another Brother’s ‘journey.’ Freemasons therefore merely guide and assist each other, but never dictate.
A Freemason always focuses on three important distinctions when “choosing” their perspective of freemasonry:
1. We become what we focus our attention on. Whether our energies are focused on the faults of others, or on giving unlimited love to others, that is what we become. A Freemason always considers the latter – focusing on the good and ignoring the bad – there is always an abundance of both.
2. Brothers who excel in freemasonry, as in anything else in life, do so because of their passion and commitment- there is no magic formula. If we truly seek, we shall find. But to find, is to read, is to be educated, is to be meek and humble in our approach, and it is to be giving. As we give freely, so shall we receive, helping those sharing the journey with us along the way.
3. The practice of living and behaving as a Freemason is, for many initiates, is flawed. Similarly, the practice in some lodges, is also flawed. This too is a lesson; we ask ourselves what do we do when faced with adverse conditions? Fight or flight? We seek to change when the principles are not observed, we become the change is seek.
A Freemason NEVER accepts anything less than living by the principles and tenants of our honorable fraternity in his daily life.
The Master Masons represent the future of the fraternity as they carry forth the Light of the Order.
In a world of pain, suffering, and ignorance, Freemasons must become the band of wise brothers fuelling the Light that directs man to the “great spirit” within. A Freemason begins with the knowledge of the self (nosce te ipsum).
It is only by doing this “great work” and undergoing a real transformation, through initiation and perseverance, that an initiate becomes a true Brother and an example that inspires our Society in Lebanon to become better individuals.
Freemasons always remember the four cardinal virtues in everyday life; Fortitude, Prudence, Temperance, and Justice.
Let this be:
a time of a great awakening a time of rebirth & learning a time of healing
It is time for Freemasons to become a beacon of light to others
It is time to shine the Light of Freemasonry!