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Welcome to the District Grand Lodge of Lebanon’s website


We will provide you with information on Freemasonry in Lebanon while demistifying the myths surrounding it. Scottish Freemasonry’s historic records show Lodges holding meetings in Scotland as far back as 1436 and in Lebanon as early as 1846.

Freemasonry is a Brotherhood of men concerned with Moral & Spiritual values. Dedicated to the ideals of promoting Brotherly Love, Relief (Charity & Care) and Truth.

Every member is expected to profess a belief in God regardless of their religion, and abide by the laws of the Republic of Lebanon. Freemasonry uses allegories and symbolism to teach liberal arts and sciences that form the basis of the ancient traditions. In essence, it inspires Men to become a better version of themselves!

Magnus Geometres

Magnus Geometres A series of monthly webinars featuring prominent thinkers, historians and Masonic authors

Widows Sons

Widows Sons Lebanon Chapter A motorcycle association for Freemasons in Lebanon

What is the difference between regular, unrecognized, irregular and clandestine bodies?


At the formation of the primary grand lodges, recognitions were agreed upon between these so called sister grand lodges to abide to a set of rules and regulations which they find essential to these bodies to be considered Masonic. Those regulations include that Freemasonry is a brotherhood of men, a belief in God is mandatory to join the order, The Holy Bible or Quran must be at all times present in the Lodge. What is the difference then?

Explore the Cradle of Freemasonry

An open Invitation to a journey of Discovery to Lebanon, the native land of King hiram and the Masonic Lore


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