2 May

Your Questions About Freemasonry Answered

Who May Become a Freemason? The primary requirement for membership of the Craft is a belief in God, The Supreme Being; and good moral character. Humility, patience, charity and gentleness are among the hallmarks of purity and integrity of character. The essential qualification for admission into and continuing membership is a belief in a Supreme […]


30 Apr

Introduction to Freemasonry

Freemasonry is a said to be a system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by signs and symbols: Morality – has been described as ’’Faith in full blossom.’’ Allegory – an Allegory is a story with a lesson, a metaphor, a veiled representation often illustrating exemplary conduct.(the Biblical Parables are perhaps the most familiar […]


9 Apr

The Charge To Our Initiates

‘What do they teach you in Freemasonry?’ We share excerpts of the main “Charge” which is directed at a newly admitted Freemason on his initiation night. A GOOD FOUNDATION No institution can boast a more solid foundation than that on which Freemasonry rests;  the practice of every moral and social virtue. And to so high […]


19 Mar

The St. Andrew’s Cross (Cross Saltier, Crux Decussata)

According to legend, the Christian apostle and martyr Saint Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland, was crucified on an X-shaped cross. Our Grand Lodge of Scotland holds its Annual Communication every year at St.Andrew’s festival to mark the importance of St.Andrew not only to Scottish heritage in particular but also to Freemasonry in general. In […]


21 Feb

The “Unbounded Faith” of Mason

“A Real Freemason is distinguished from the rest of Mankind by the uniform unrestricted rectitude of his conduct.  Other men are honest in fear of punishment, which the law might inflict; they are religious in expectation of being rewarded, or in dread of the devil in the next world.  A Freemason would be just if […]


17 Feb

When does a man become a freemason?

The fact that a man has taken the degrees of Freemasonry does not automatically make a person a Freemason. The strength of Freemasonry, lies not in its numbers, but in the extent to which its tenets are put into practice.  “A Man becomes a Freemason when he can look out over the rivers, the hills, […]


8 Feb

Alignment With Masonic Fraternity

[:en]ROME, February 6, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — Pope Francis’s statement in Abu Dhabi on religious pluralism being “willed by God” — and his call to Christians and Muslims to enter the “ark of fraternity” — seem not only to “overturn the doctrine of the Gospel” but also to align with the ideas of Freemasonry, a respected […]


1 Feb

1st Year Anniversary

[:en]One year ago today, the Most Worshipful Grand Master Mason commissioned the new District Grand Master of Lebanon, much like a Master of any Lodge, as a Master-Servant of the ‘collective.’ Today marks the end of the first of our five-year plan, a year to rebuild, consolidate and strengthen our Lodges. Looking back at these […]


1 Feb

Masonic Lodges in Universities

Freemasons forming Lodges in Universities is a natural progression given its teachings and principles which align perfectly with the teachings espoused since the Age of Enlightenment. GRAND LODGE OF SCOTLAND Under our own Grand Lodge of Scotland and the United Grand Lodge of England, over 76 Masonic University Lodges continue to operate and grow till […]


27 Jan

The “Price” of Enlightenment

[:en]The journey towards ’light’ in Freemasonry is said to be experienced by each individual differently. Using the masonic teachings, each individual brings their own traditions, conditioning and programming, all of which influence their journey. Seekers outside Freemasonry find the “light” through a teacher that guides their ‘transcendence’. Most importantly, such a teacher must be one […]