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A Lebanese Masonic Research Initiative

Magnus Geometres Lebanese Masonic Research Initiative

Subscription to Magnus Geometres is open only to Master Mason brethren in a  Lodge in amity with the Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Scotland. Entered apprentice and Fellow Crafts brethren should abstain from filling up this form.

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As initiates of the Masonic Craft, we journey through life by unveiling the hidden mysteries using the oral tradition of the ancient mystics handed down to us from generation to generation. To fully appreciate and understand the masonic teachings, an initiate must have knowledge of both its exoteric and esoteric teachings. It is in this light that the District Grand Lodge of Lebanon launched “Magnus Geometres,” an initiative to promote Masonic research in Lebanon under its current education committee.

The initiative organizes lectures, presentations, chat groups and reading materials to all Freemasons under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Antient Free and Accepted Masons of Scotland, and any jurisdiction in amity. It is our sincere wish and hope, that through good research and understanding of our teachings, we may come to better appreciate the objective of our ancient institution and be able to live by its tenants and principles.



The Masonic Talks

Magnus Geometres will be hosting Masonic lectures and talks, with prominent Masonic Historians, Researchers, and Academics. These lectures are open to all Regular Master Masons under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Antient Free and Regular Masons of Scotland and all Lodges in amity.


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Our upcoming events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Our past events

The Hermetic Art of Memory By Brother Martin Faulk

During this lecture Brother Faulks will lead us through the intellectual swirl and mystical Art of Memory that is referred to a certain specific set of memory disciplines and techniques that had evolved from classical Greek mnemonics.

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The Power Of Allegory By Julian Rees

Bro. Albert G. Mackey wrote: “To study the symbolism of Masonry is the only way to investigate its philosophy.” While Most Masonic scholars warn of the dangers implicit in any study of symbolism and urge caution in the interpretation of those symbols specific to Freemasonry, those same symbols are set as a means to an […]

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The East of the Grand Umayyad

When the Ancient Craft came to Damascus, back in April 1868 it immediately attracted the “who’s who” of Syrian society, among whom were seven prime ministers and two presidents. Dr. Sami Moubayed will lead us through this passionate era in Masonic History.

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The Red Triangle: A History of Anti-Masonry By Robert L.D. Cooper

Bro. Robert Cooper in his last book The Red Triangle looks at both the controversy surrounding present-day issues along with the long history of anti - masonry and what the future holds for the Freemasons.

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The Lost Rites of the Age of Enlightenment By Dr David Harrison

Dr Harrison will discuss the lost rites of Freemasonry, in particular the rites created in continental Europe during the eighteenth century by such charismatic and enigmatic Freemasons as Martinez Pasqually, Count Alessandro di Cagliostro, Pyotr Melissino and Baron Von Hund

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The Emerald Tablet: A Commentary on the Path of the True Adept By Martin Faulk

Legend has it that one text reveals the answers to the greatest mysteries. It was said that once someone truly understood the Emerald Tablet they would be able to work great miracles, turn base metals into gold, create the philosopher's stone, heal all illnesses, extend their life or even become immortal. Could these legends be pointing towards something more? Could this ancient magical text contain the keys to understanding all spiritual things?

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Approaching The Middle Chamber by Jaime Paul Lamb

Jaime Paul Lamb will sequentially tackle subjects such as the operative and speculative dynamic in Masonry and its correlative in the Hermetic Arts, the qabalistic significance of the Brazen Pillars, the mythological symbolism underlying the ancient orders of architecture, the occult application of the five human senses and, finally, the esoteric substrata of the seven liberal arts and sciences.

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Through Ritual to Enlightenment by Julian Rees

Are we more bound up in the form than in the content? In this Masonic talk, Julian Rees will be discussing the means of instructing young masons today going beyond the degree ceremonies. There are vestiges of spirituality still in our present-day rituals that invite every Mason to a self-discovery with the abandonment of spirituality, […]

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The Spiritual Reflections of The Sufi Freemason By Salman S. Sheikh

The spiritual journey and reflections of a seeker who walks the path of Sufism and Freemasonry simultaneously. A seeker whose journey has taken him from the East to the West and from the West to the East in search of answers. What is the purpose of life? Why are we here? and What is the […]

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The Great Teaching Myth of Freemasonry By Dr. Robert Lomas

In this Q&A session with Dr. Robert Lomas we will go over the key elements presented in his video lecture " The Great Teaching Myth of Freemasonry". We will discuss the principle myth of Freemasonry and go over the main principles behind our ritual teaching myths. ABOUT Dr. ROBERT LOMAS Dr Robert Lomas has a […]

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Atalanta Unveiled – Alchemical emblems and their initiatory content – By Sasha Chaitow

Known as ‘the most prominent alchemical physician in Germany since Paracelsus,’ Michael Maier (1568-1622) was Royal Physician and Count Palatine to Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II. A doctor, diplomat, and alchemist, Maier spent much of his life in a poignant, fruitless quest for the elusive Rosicrucian Brotherhood; visionaries and intellectuals whose Manifestos proclaiming a “universal […]

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CONVERSATION WITH A MASON is pleased to welcome M.W. Ramsay McGhee Grand Master Mason for the Grand Lodge of AF&AM of Scotland in a masonic interview.

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Angels in Vermilion: The Philosophers’ Stone, From Dee to DMT By P D NEWMAN

Magnus Geometres Masonic Talk Angels in Vermilion: The Philosophers' Stone, From Dee to DMT By P D NEWMAN TALK SYNOPSIS The challenge of deciphering the cryptic, coded language of the ancient art of alchemy has long fascinated modern scholars. While other writers have pointed to psychoactive substances such as 'magic' mushrooms or diethyl ether to […]

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CONVERSATION WITH A MASON with M.W. Michael D. Nicholas Sr.

CONVERSATION WITH A MASON is pleased to welcome M.W. Michael D. Nicholas Sr. Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge, F.A.A.M., of the District of Columbia in a Masonic interview.

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Esoteric Freemasonry: Rituals & Practices for a Deeper Understanding

TALK SYNOPSIS Freemasonry is too often explained from its historical background. It is common to speak about Masonic rituals, symbols, and secrets even if everything has already been published for a very long time. However, there is another aspect to this great fraternity and it is referred to as the Esoteric side of the Craft. […]

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CONVERSATION WITH A MASON with M.W. Bro. Douglas T. Grey

CONVERSATION WITH A MASON is pleased to welcome M.W. Bro. Douglas T. Grey Grand Master Mason of the Grand Lodge of Ireland in a Masonic interview.

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The Spiritual Path of Freemasonry – Julian Rees

TALK SYNOPSIS Freemasonry has become de-spiritualized so that we have come to concentrate on the form to the detriment of the content. But spirituality is older than religion, so ours is a secular, non-dogmatic spirituality. Stillness, silence, and meditation have beneficial effects. The decline in spiritual awareness has gone hand in hand with the decline […]

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CONVERSATION WITH A MASON with M.W. Bro. Andrey V. Bogdanov

CONVERSATION WITH A MASON is pleased to welcome M.W. Bro. Andrey V. Bogdanov The Great Master of the Grand Lodge of Russia in a Masonic interview.

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CONVERSATION WITH A MASON with M.W. Bro. David J. Cameron

CONVERSATION WITH A MASON is pleased to welcome M.W. Bro. David J. Cameron The Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario, in a Masonic interview.

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What Came You Here To Do – Andrew Hammer

ABOUT ANDREW HAMMER Andrew Hammer is the author of Observing the Craft: The Pursuit of Excellence in Masonic Labour and Observance. He is the Charter Master of Alba Lodge No. 222, in Washington, D.C, and the Deputy Grand Lecturer of the Grand Lodge F.A.A.M. of the District of Columbia. He is a Past Grand Chancellor […]

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